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Last Day in Greece

It was time to say goodbye to our beautiful hotel room and head back to the airport to catch our flight back to Athens. The plan was to stay in Athens at the… Continue reading

Santorini, Greece Day 2 – Red Beach, Traditional Village and Excavation Site

After our breakfast, we took a walk around the area and decided we would explore the island while it’s bright and sunny. Rain was expected later on in the day. The grey clouds… Continue reading

The Real Stray Cats (and Dogs) of Santorini

As promised, here is the long awaited post of the stray cats and dogs that we met while we were in Santorini. The animals are well fed and happy. This post is just… Continue reading

Santorini, Greece: Ducato di Oia (Our hotel)

Since we knew visiting Santorini was a “once in a lifetime” highlight, we decided to splurge and chose a hotel that had a private pool and view of the water. Bill and I… Continue reading