Hot and Spicy

Bill and I finally had our first hot pot dinner in London. We ended up finding everything we needed at the Asian market! (Thanks April for the pot!) Before I came to London,… Continue reading

Oh no!

I tried to make malt macarons today with Ovaltine but I wasn’t able to get the “foot” and the shell just didn’t look right. I have a feeling it’s because I added too… Continue reading

Chef Bill

  It’s a back to back post. We’ve been eating turkey for so long, I didn’t realize that we haven’t cooked dinner for a week already. Bill has been telling me he wants… Continue reading


The weather has been pretty warm here lately, unlike Vancouver. I’ve been trying to find a place for “Art Jamming”, but as I expected, they don’t have studios like that here. They do… Continue reading


After making the macarons, I decided it was time for lunch and made a Turkey sandwich using the leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving. I realized that my recent posts have all been about desserts… Continue reading

le macaron

We didn’t end up making the chocolate crepes this morning. I was working on job applications all night and couldn’t wake up in time to make the crepes. Instead, when I woke up… Continue reading

Crepe Prep

It’s been quiet around the apartment these days since Bill’s back to work and I’m focusing on job hunting. We went to Superstore to grab some groceries tonight and we bought some boneless… Continue reading

Sugar, Milk & Eggs

We finally finished the Tiramisu that I made a week ago. I’ve been trying to make simpler things lately, so I decided to make creme caramel. When I was in Vancouver, I used… Continue reading


Today, Bill and I (me mostly) finally got to put the turkey into the oven. I put the Butterball into the fridge a couple days ago to let it defrost and on Sunday,… Continue reading

Sweet Chicken!

Bill and I decided to stay home today and not go out. My iPhoto is finally fixed and I’m glad that none of the photos got deleted and the original folders remained unchanged.… Continue reading