Summer Road Trip Day 7 : Algonquin Park, Ontario

    Day 7 was the last day of our trip. We woke up bright and early and headed towards Algonquin Park. It didn’t seem like there were a lot of campers/hikers, at… Continue reading

Summer Road Trip Day 6: Stittsville, ON, Spectacle Lake, ON

It was day 6 of our road trip, and sadly, we were¬†starting to finish the loop and headed towards the direction of home. Bill found a really great and reasonably priced restaurant called… Continue reading

Summer Road Trip Day 5: Au Pied De Cochon (Montreal, Quebec)

Bill and I headed out early in the morning to Old Montreal again to check out some of the stores there and to also have brunch. We went to the Maison Christian Faure… Continue reading

Summer Road Trip Day 4: Montreal, Quebec

We stayed overnight at Mont Tremblanc and the next morning, we headed off to Montreal. The rain was starting to pour during our drive and didn’t stop until late afternoon. We visited The… Continue reading

Summer Road Trip Day 3: Mont Tremblanc, Quebec

      We initially planned on staying in Ottawa for one more night, but we weren’t able to book any accommodation in Ottawa for the third night because a Women’s FIFA World… Continue reading

Summer Road Trip Day 2: Ottawa

By the time we arrived in Ottawa, it was already around 9 pm so we had to find a restaurant that was open late. Bill found a place that served appetizers called “two… Continue reading

Summer Road trip Day 1: Gananoque, ON, Thousand Islands

Bill has been thinking of doing a road trip in Ontario ever since we relocated here 4 years ago. We finally went on this trip last week. The entire trip took 7 days… Continue reading

White Bread

I posted about the Pullman Loaf a while ago and briefly talked about the differences between bread that you would buy in North America and bread that you would buy in Japan, Hong… Continue reading

Coffee Bread

I’ve been making a batch of bread every weekend since I bought our mixer. Making bread is one of the most satisfying and relaxing things to do.¬†We took a recipe for Coffee Bread… Continue reading

Bruce Trail: Devil’s Monument and Burnt Point Loop

        Bill and I went on a road trip during the Victoria Day long weekend. We initially planned to go kayaking, but was told that the water is still too… Continue reading