Hamburg, Germany – Day 1

When people heard that Bill and I were going to spend an entire week in Hamburg, a lot of people said we would be bored as there’s not much to see and do in Hamburg. We researched this claim further on tripadvisor and lonely planet and we found similar sentiments towards the city of Hamburg. The purpose of this trip is a personal one for me so I will not go into too much detail, but it required us to stay within the vicinity of Hamburg for a week.

Needless to say, Bill and I didn’t have high expectations for our trip, but by the end of it all, we fell in love with Germany and the locals and we will be sure to go back to visit other cities and surrounding countries in the future.


We arrived Monday night to find the streets of Hamburg empty and dark. It was oddly quiet and most stores were closed and restaurants were packed with people. We wanted to grab some dinner at a place called “Picasso”, but they didn’t have any tables available for us. We resorted to McDonalds for our first dinner in Hamburg but I love McDonalds so I’m not complaining.

The next day, we visited that same restaurant again for lunch and we had our waiter order food for us because they only had a German menu. I took a semester of German during my first year of university, but I didn’t think to brush up my German before our trip because I was told communicating in English isn’t that hard.






Baby Clams


Beef with a Potato


Baked Mussels

Afer our lunch, we took a stroll around downtown Hamburg (this is also where our hotel was so it was convenient). We found the Church of Scientology and Bill had read that photography around that area was frowned upon by their followers.


This Church fascinates me

The weather wasn’t great for the week we were there, but the weather never stopped us from exploring the world together.


Hamburg is a port city and it was heavily bombed during WW2, so similar to Berlin, a lot of the old buildings aren’t there anymore, but a lot of beautiful buildings still stand today.



After our stroll, we headed towards the pier and visited the Submarine. Influenced by Bill’s interest in the history of the world wars and history in general, I have become a history buff myself. Bill and I will spend hours in a museum reading every single piece of writing and looking at each picture/artifact.

The submarine itself was a little smelly, so that was something we needed to adjust to when we went into the sub.

It’s hard to believe that there was once a crew of close to 90 people living and working inside this submarine.

Later on, we visited a tunnel nearby

You first had to walk down a flight of stairs and cross the tunnel to the other end and there are elevators that bring you back up.

For dinner that night, we tried a tasting menu at a restaurant Bill got a reservation for. That dinner deserves it’s own post (See next post)!


Emily and Bill