Athens, Greece Day 2: Dinner at Aleria

I separated this post from the previous Day 2 post because Bill still had those photos on his iphone. That evening, Bill and I headed to a restaurant called Aleria. The restaurant is located in an alleyway and the walk there at nighttime was a little scary. The streets were empty because of the snow and the streets were not very well lit.

We finally arrived and the inside of the restaurant was beautiful. We read the menu and decided on the tasting menu.

Unfortunately we didn’t want to carry the camera around so we used Bill’s iphone for photos instead. Most of these pictures will be of me staring at the food as a result. Hope you don’t mind!


They served 4 different kinds of bread and they were all delicious. If I recall correctly the bread is served with a garlic spread and butter and it was amazing.


This was the appetizer. The purple ball on the spoon is a beet explosion, and it was my favorite one of the three:


Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the menu so I forgot the names of the dishes, but here are pictures of their tasting menu II:









We asked them to replace the dessert on the tasting menu to the raspberry meringe 🙂

It was a lot of food and the flavors were incredible.

Thanks for reading!