Santorini, Greece: Ducato di Oia (Our hotel)

Since we knew visiting Santorini was a “once in a lifetime” highlight, we decided to splurge and chose a hotel that had a private pool and view of the water. Bill and I had also worked so hard in the past year and a half that we wanted to treat ourselves to something nice and relaxing.

We stayed in Oia (pronouced “E-yah”). The hotel was very attentive even before our stay. We received an email from the lovely host Eugenia asking us to provide them with our arrival information so that they could pick us up. There are no addresses in the villages and you need to have someone bring you to your hotel.


We parked at the nearby post office and was picked up by George, who kindly helped us carry our luggage and brought us to our room.

And finally, our room:


This is the private pool. Unfortunately it was too cold and we couldn’t get in the pool, but regardless it was nice to have a private space to an amazing view of the ocean.

Eugenia gave us the keys to our room and we settled for about an hour or so. She came back and gave us a lot of suggestions on how to plan our trip and restaurants that were open year round. She was extremely friendly and approachable and we’re so glad she was there to give us some tips on how to experience the entire island within such a short span of time.








This was the most beautiful hotel we have ever stayed in.


We walked outside and took some pictures just before sunset. It was breathtaking.




Our hotel cost included breakfast. We didn’t think much of it and just were given an order form.

The next morning, Eugenia came in with our breakfast:



The breakfast was amazing. Eggs, greek yogurt, fresh orange juice and pastries.

I’m so glad we chose this place to stay and really appreciate Eugenia’s hospitality – It really makes a difference 🙂

Thanks for reading!