Athens, Greece Day 1: Night Stroll and Balcony Restaurant

Bill and I went the Greece earlier in January. We were told the weather in Greece during this time can get really cold and sometimes it can even snow there. It’s an odd time to be travelling to Greece, since the country is known for it’s outdoor sites. We don’t mind travelling during low season since we actually prefer visiting countries when they are less crowded.

We arrived in the afternoon and took public transit to get to our hotel. This is the first country we visited where neither of us have any knowledge of the language and communication was a concern. Thankfully, there are English translations of the station names under the Greek names so it made it easier for us. Eventually we recognized the shapes of the Greek alphabet and it made it easier for us to get around.

Bill made reservations at several restaurants which we visited each day. We took a night stroll before our reservation and took some photos of Greece at night time.




The sites are massive and it was a workout (at least for me) to walk towards the buildings. They seemed so close, but so far away…

Finally we killed enough time and arrived at our first restaurant.


The city was really quiet and most of the places we walked past were empty. It was quite eerie actually; being one of the few tourists in the area.


Instead of butter for bread, they gave us seasoned and flavored greek yogurt. It was delicious and far superior than the traditional butter on bread.

Octopus ceviche, again to be accompanied with greek yogurt.


Bone marrow appetizer for Bill.


I ordered the fish and it came with dolmades (grape leaves). I didn’t know it came with dolmades and I’m not a fan of them, but the fish was good.


Bill ordered the Slipper Lobster orzo and it was delicious. One of my favorite dishes during our trip. It was basically a Lobster Bisque soup with Orzo pasta.


In the end they gave us some sweets to end the meal. All in all it was a great first meal to start our adventure in Greece!

Thanks for reading!