Summer Road Trip Day 6: Stittsville, ON, Spectacle Lake, ON

It was day 6 of our road trip, and sadly, we were starting to finish the loop and headed towards the direction of home. Bill found a really great and reasonably priced restaurant called Next, located in Stittsville, Ontario. It’s rated #1 out of all the restaurants in Ottawa and since we were heading back to the direction, we made a stop there and checked the place out.

The restaurant was empty when we arrived. It’s a very big space and I’m pretty sure we were too early and missed the lunch crowd. They have a lot of interesting “perks”. For example, the 4th visit is apparently free, and if you’re there for lunch on a weekday, they can guarantee that you can get out of there with a full belly in 45 minutes! Extremely attentive and service oriented, not to mention the food was amazing as well!

We opted for the blind sharing menu, which meant they decide what to serve us. We get more “bang for our buck” with the blind menu, and we also get to be more adventurous and try more dishes.

Toasty olive oil baguette: (pickled tomatillo, labneh, tellicherry black peppercorn).

This was one of my favorite dishes. I really enjoyed the tomatillo and the labneh and the bread was perfect. It all came together very nicely.


Crispy aromatic green papaya salad: (fried vermicelli, spiced citric – soy soaker, peanut crumble).

This is one of their most popular dishes. Very nice salad.




Roasted shimeji mushrooms and pork crackling on toast:

I took a close up of the toast. It was yummy.




Tom Kha Gai: chicken, straw mushroom, spiced coconut kaffir lime broth


Blackie’s original crispy chicken: hoisin, lemon squirt, cilantro, jasmine rice.

This was excellent as well. We packed the leftovers for dinner since we didn’t expect to find any restaurants where we were going to spend the night.



Finally, dessert. Creme Brulee and 3 kinds of ice cream (1 sherbet).




The entire meal was really well planned and we were glad we went for the blind sharing menu. We tried things that we would never thought of ordering. I would have never ordered the Toasty olive oil baguette, but that turned out to be my favorite out of all of the very excellent dishes.

I would highly recommend this place and would definitely go back again if we ever had the chance!

After lunch, we stopped by a Metro nearby and bought some picnic food for the next day. We then headed to the Bonnechere Caves.

DSCF7115DSCF7070  DSCF7075 DSCF7087 DSCF7090 DSCF7094 DSCF7066

The tour of the cave was quite interesting. The tour guide did a really excellent job of explaining the exploration of this cave and the naturally occurring phenomenons that carved the cave. The tour is a bit short, but it was very enjoyable and a nice break from the city.

After visiting the cave, we headed towards Spectacle Lake, where we stayed at the Spectacle Lake Lodge. We got really lucky and had an assigned parking spot for our room that was facing the beautiful lake. It was raining quite hard when we arrived, but we didn’t mind it 🙂


There’s a restaurant in the lodge. The receptionist asked us if we wanted dinner so that they could prepare it. We decided to just stick to the leftovers from lunch and some food we picked up at the nearby grocery store. We folded the backseats of my car down and had our dinner in the car, facing the lake. There’s a small beach, but we stayed under the hood because of the rain. It was really beautiful.

DSCF7148 v2

Thanks for reading!