Summer Road Trip Day 2: Ottawa

By the time we arrived in Ottawa, it was already around 9 pm so we had to find a restaurant that was open late. Bill found a place that served appetizers called “two six ate” and they opened until 2am in the morning. The restaurant was very casual and we ordered the beef tartar, salmon tartar and one of their toasts that was on the menu that evening.

Beef Tartar:





Salmon Tartar and some croutons to use as utensils.




I didn’t really like the white dressing they put on the toast and the salmon tartar. It was a very, very sweet dressing and kind of weird to be honest.

The next day, we did what any reasonable tourist in Ottawa would do: Visit Parliament Hill

We had a really hard time booking a hotel in Ottawa as they were all full, so instead we stayed in Gatineau, Quebec and it was about a 30 minute walk from our hotel to Parliament Hill. On our way there, we passed by the Supreme Court of Canada:

DSCF6558 DSCF6557

We had to pick up tickets for the Parliament Hill tours:


I snapped a few photos outside of the building while we were waiting for our tour to start:


DSCF6561 DSCF6565 DSCF6567 DSCF6571 DSCF6576 DSCF6574 DSCF6583 DSCF6587 DSCF6584 DSCF6585

The tour lasted for about 1 hour and since it was a weekend, we were able to see more places in the building as there was nothing going on besides tours in the building.


DSCF6615 DSCF6618 DSCF6594 DSCF6600 DSCF6603   DSCF6621 DSCF6628 DSCF6633 DSCF6635


After touring Parliament Hill, we went to have lunch at this place called The Manx Pub. We were there during the lunch rush, but got a spot fairly quickly. We didn’t take any pictures since the place was quite crowded and the food was fairly typical breakfast food.

We went to Canadian War Museum and spent our time there until the museum closed. In hindsight, we should have allocated a full day to see this place as there was so much information and things to see and reflect on.


For dinner, Bill brought me to The Whalesbone Oyster House since he knew I liked fresh oysters. Bill had the seafood chowder, and mussels, and I ordered the Tuna Tataki, half a dozen oysters and for dessert, we shared the banana cream pie (in a jar).

DSCF6655 DSCF6656 DSCF6657 DSCF6658 DSCF6659


The food was excellent here and the seafood was fresh. My favorite were the oysters and the banana cream pie. I believe they may have used fermented bananas for the dessert, something I learned from the documentary “Mind of a Chef”. I didn’t really like the fermented bananas, but everything else about that dessert was amazing. I might try making it some day.

After dinner, we joined the Ottawa Haunted Walk Tour and listened to different ghost stories while walking around Ottawa at night time. I was a bit skeptical about the idea at first, but the guide did a really great job story telling and I was glad we were able to see how beautiful the city was a night.


DSCF6661DSCF6681  DSCF6673 DSCF6680


Bill and I both really enjoyed our short trip visit here in Ottawa. This is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.