Bruce Trail: Devil’s Monument and Burnt Point Loop





Bill and I went on a road trip during the Victoria Day long weekend. We initially planned to go kayaking, but was told that the water is still too cold, so we opted for a day trip to the Bruce Trail. This is our second time visiting Tobermory. Last time, we visited Flower Pot island and the Grotto. This time, we did shorter trails and went to see the Devil’s Monument and hiked the Burnt Point Loop.

We left home at around 6:30 am and drove 3.5 hours to our first stop to see the Devil’s Monument. It was a foggy and misty morning, so we were the only ones there. The rocks were slippery, but Bill and I bought new hiking shoes the day before and that helped a lot and made it more manageable.


DSCF6140  DSCF6141 DSCF6145 DSCF6147

I’ve been baking and reading a lot to keep myself busy and occupied, but I really needed to go outdoors and breath in some crisp and earthy air.

Here is the Devil’s Monument. There’s also a small waterfall right beside it.





DSCF6150 DSCF6160 DSCF6156

We went down towards the beach overlooking the Georgian Bay. It was foggy, but the view was still beautiful and breathtaking. We were the only ones there, which is great, but sometimes I prefer seeing other hikers too. Being the only 2 people on a trail in the middle of nowhere gives me anxiety (Mostly because I am terrified of hungry bears). Bill and I did bring bear bells on our hike, which helped make me feel slightly safer 🙂



DSCF6162 DSCF6164 DSCF6169 DSCF6185

The water was so clear.



DSCF6183 DSCF6187 DSCF6192

We returned to our car after enjoying the beach to ourselves and drove to another part of the trail to have lunch. The sun finally came up by the time we got to the Visitor Center at Tobermory. We had to buy tickets to use the trail. Our plan was to find a place on the Burnt Point Loop and have our picnic. I didn’t take pictures of the food, since it was quite simple. I brought apple and corn salad, butter chicken sandwich, and home made brownies.


The weather was absolutely beautiful.



DSCF6206 DSCF6213 DSCF6216 DSCF6222  DSCF6236 DSCF6240 DSCF6243

We didn’t do a lot of hiking, but the drive there was very enjoyable and since we weren’t staying overnight, we didn’t want to be too tired for our drive back home. We ate at Lancaster smokehouse on our way back and had the best BBQ beef briskets and ribs.

It’s a short post, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks for reading 🙂