Taiwan: 食養山房 (Shi Yang Restaurant)

My father-in-law brought us to a very nice restaurant that’s hidden in the forest called 食養山房 (Shi Yang Restaurant). Bill had showed me pictures of the restaurant before the day of our reservation and I was amazed by the view looking out of the restuarant. The drive there was quite windy and it’s a bit of a drive to the restaurant which is located on a hill. We arrived a bit early just so we could take a stroll around the area before our dinner. It was nice that it wasn’t raining that day and we were able to take some pictures and enjoy a small nature walk. The decor of the restaurant is very Japanese, but 食養山房 is not a Japanese restaurant. They take what’s fresh and prepare a daily menu. A view of where we had our dinner from outside: DSCF5386 DSCF5389    DSCF5432 We headed inside to get seated for our dinner. We sat on the first floor and luckily got a room that faced the forest.   DSCF5434 DSCF5448 DSCF5459 Below are some of the dishes that we tried. Corn soup, white asparagus and tofu:         DSCF5460 Scallop with bamboo shoots and black fungi: DSCF5467   Guava and passion fruit juice: DSCF5470 Platter of assorted seafood:   DSCF5479   Pumpkin with mochi stuffed with smoked fish roe: DSCF5488   I do not recall what kind of soup this was, but it tasted like Daikon: DSCF5489   Mushrooms stuffed with rice: DSCF5492   Pork soup with Chrysanthemum: DSCF5502   And for dessert, we had taro paste with taro balls: DSCF5510 DSCF5513   The sun had set by the end of the dinner. It was an enjoyable experience overall and definitely not something you can find from where we live! DSCF5525 DSCF5534 DSCF5529   The restaurant requires reservations made almost 1-2 months in advance!