Taiwan – Hotpot at 無老鍋 (Wulao Hotpot)

Bill and I visited Taipei in early April for our wedding there. We met with family and friends and we also had a lot of food. Taiwan is known for its food, so we were really excited and tried to eat as much as possible during our 10 day trip. The posts about Taiwan are not in chronological order, I’ll be blogging about one restaurant or night market in each post.

It was a very busy trip at the beginning with the wedding and meeting family and relatives, but at the end of all that we finally found some time alone to try out a hot pot restaurant. People in London, Ontario are always confused when I say “hot pot”; you have a boiling pot of soup base in front of you and you cook your own food by dipping it into the hot soup. We visited 無老鍋 (Wu Lao Hotpot), which normally has very long line ups. Since Bill and I normally eat dinner early, the restaurant was quite empty, but by the time we were finished, there was already large groups of people waiting in line.



You can choose from spicy or non spicy soup; we opted for both, which cost a little bit more money. I personally liked the milky soup a lot more.


Probably the key to good hot pot is the dipping sauce. They have a sauce bar where you can mix your own sauce. Typically people would use a combination of chinese satay sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and garlic to make the dipping sauce. Here, they offer garlic water instead of garlic, which was surprisingly good. I think I might do some research and see if I can find the recipe for it!



Since the soup is constantly boiling, they have bottles filled with broth that we can add to the pot if it reduces too much.



One of their specialties is their ice cream tofu. This is frozen and takes a while to finish cooking. Once it’s done cooking, it should double in size and look like this:


The tofu was quite good. We tasted a hint of fish paste in the ice cream tofu.

Here were some of the other things we ordered for the hot pot. From the left: Frozen tofu, deep fried gluten, beed and udon.


DSCF5853 DSCF5854 DSCF5855  DSCF5858

We managed to finish all this food (It probably doesn’t look like a lot, but both Bill and I have very small appetites).

At the end of the dinner, the waitress served us a complimentary frozen peach drink and it was delicious.






I would definitely visit this place again when we return to Taiwan!