Universal Studios: Krusty Burger


Krusty Burger opens at 11am so we headed there as soon as it opened. We woke up at 6:45am to catch the early access so by that time we were already quite hungry. Unlike the day before, Krusty Burger was pretty much empty, so we took the window seat.


A look inside the seating area:




Bill ordered the Ribwich and I ordered the Krusty Burger

DSC_0004 DSC_0005

Both burgers were ok. The Krusty burger is just a regular burger with this yellow sauce on it, I believe it’s cheese? It’s a bit scary, the fact that I can’t tell what I’m eating, but I trust Krusty. I didn’t try Bill’s burger, but it looked better than mine.

I should’ve taken a picture, but Krusty Burger is a food court and there were a couple other fast food restaurant’s there too. I’m not familiar with The Simpson’s but there was a place selling fried chicken. It probably appears in the show? I initially wanted to eat the Chicken and Waffles, but I couldn’t walk about of Krusty Burger without eating a Krusty Burger.

Next post will be about Diagon Alley.