Tokyo: 抹茶(Green Tea)、白苺 (White Strawberry)

Green Tea desserts are everywhere in Japan. On the upper floors of major shopping malls, there’s bound to be 2 or 3 floors filled with just restaurants and cafes. Bill and I found a cafe that specialized in Green Tea desserts. We visited the same place twice during our trip and got to try quite a few of their desserts and drinks.


Here’s Bill enjoying his Matcha Milk Tea.

DSCF4123 DSCF4122 DSCF4197

My favorite was the green tea parfait. I’ve always been tempted to build my own parfait at home.

The basic building blocks of any green tea dessert are: green tea, mochi, red bean and milk. The 3rd picture up there is shaved milk ice with green tea ice cream.

In the middle, there’s a parfait with red bean and green tea ice cream, layered with green tea mousse and jelly with mochi on top.

The first photo is green tea jelly, green tea ice cream, white jelly, mochi and red bean sauce.

It’s so easy to find a place that can do green tea desserts right in Japan. In fact, I think it’s pretty hard to find a bad restaurant in Tokyo. Granted, I haven’t visited a lot of restaurants, but none of the ones we visited were disappointing.

DSCF4126 DSCF4127

We bought a green tea cream filled donut at this donut place at one of the shopping malls.

I also love buying Japanese fruits when I visit Japan. At the basement of most malls is usually a grocery market and a floor that sells snacks and sweets.

We found these white strawberries at a fruit stand in the mall that’s connected to our hotel. The box of strawberries below cost around 700 yen.

DSCF4128 DSCF4129 DSCF4130


The white strawberries were very sweet 🙂

It’s hard not to think about these white strawberries every time I see strawberries at the grocery store now.

Thanks for reading!