Tokyo: 渋谷(Shibuya)、鳥良(ToriYoshi), Pablo Cheesecake





After visiting Harajuku, Bill and I visited Shibuya. This is just outside the Hachiko exit. There are always a lot of people at this intersection. Despite the amount of people, it doesn’t take long for them to clear out for traffic when the light changes.



I wanted to bring Bill to a restaurant that I had visited on my last trip, called 鳥良 (“Toriyoshi”). They have a lot of locations throughout Tokyo, and they happened to have one in Shibuya, so we decided to head there for dinner.


Once again, it took us a bit longer than it should to find this restaurant, but we found it and got there a bit early before the dinner rush. There was nobody at the restaurant when we arrived.


They give this out for free at the beginning of the meal. It was pasty and grainy, but I forgot what it was made of.


This is what I brought Bill here for – Tofu. I know, it looks bland, but this tofu is made in house and has a bit of an elastic texture when you bite into it. It’s soft, smooth and almost mimics mochi, but not exactly as chewy as mochi.


Add a bit of soy sauce, ginger and green onion. It was delicious.


Assorted skewers that we ordered. Basically, they have soy glazed and salted skewers that you can choose from. We’re not really a huge fan of skewers, but we thought we would try them anyways since this is normally the kind of stuff people order at these restaurants.


We ordered oden, which is basically assorted ingredients like fish cake, radish, eggs, etc, cooked in a clear sauce. The yellow paste you see is mustard and is quite spicy, but it goes well with the oden.


Finally, we ordered their famous chicken wings 🙂


By the time we finished dinner, the sun had set and it was nighttime. We decided to take a stroll around the area.


We saw a lot of people waiting in line and was curious to see what they were in line for. It was cheesecake, but unlike regular cheesecake, this store sold ones that were not baked fully. They called it “Medium”, like a medium steak. Even though we were super hungry, we still wanted to try it, so we lined up and ordered a whole cheesecake. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the cheesecake (gooey centre), they cannot possibly sell it by slice and we had to get a whole cake.

We brought it to our hotel, but was too full to eat any of it. We put it in the hotel fridge, and this actually changed the texture of the cake.

DSCF4118DSCF4117 DSCF4119 DSCF4201

I’m not a huge fan of cheesecake, so Bill ate most of it. The cake hardened in the fridge, and without the unique gooey texture, it really just tasted like any regular cheesecake.

Thanks for reading!