Tokyo: 原宿(Harajuku)、明治神宮 (Meiji Shrine)

Travelling to Tokyo requires a lot of walking, waiting in line and concentration (finding directions). While in line at Sushi Dai the day before, the other tourists we chatted with also mentioned how hard it was to navigate around Tokyo. The guy told us that he had trouble looking for places even with Google Maps and a map in his hand. I’m sure the language barriers can make it more difficult, but the streets in Tokyo are just very complex and convoluted.

Harajuku, however, is one of the easier places to navigate around. Everything is concentrated in one area and close to the train station.


This exit is normally quite crowded and busy. Our first stop of the Meiji Shrine, so we turned left and headed to our destination.

Meiji Shrine is one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Tokyo.



Walking towards the entrance to the Shrine.


So beautiful 🙂


“Barrels of Sake Wrapped in Straw” – I took a photo of the description. You can click on the photo to zoom in.


Here are the instructions for rinsing your hands and mouth before praying.

DSCF4142 DSCF4138

Here are the rinsing stations.


You can pay for a plaque like this and write down your prayers and wishes.


I think Bill and I really needed a place like this after the intense 5 hour wait for sushi the day before.

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