Tokyo: 新宿(Shinjuku)、仲嶋(Nakajima)

Our Tokyo posts are long overdue.

The reason for the delay was because I had set my camera to shoot in RAW mode, which was a big mistake. When I returned to London, I realized I couldn’t use any of the photos until I converted them into JPEG. That process took a very long time and in between our Tokyo trip and now, I haven’t motivated myself enough to convert each photo…until last night 🙂

It was a long process, but I’m really excited to show our photos from the Tokyo trip from last year. It’s been a year, but it was such a memorable trip that I don’t think I would have a problem recalling every moment (but the Japanese names might be a bit tough to remember)

We flew from Hong Kong to Tokyo, which was about a 4 hour flight and wasn’t bad at all. As soon as we landed, we bought our tickets for the Airport Limousine, which is basically the airport-hotel shuttle. We didn’t have time to get a cell phone with a data plan at the airport, which became a bit of a problem, but more on that later 🙂


It had been many years since Bill had visited Japan with his family when he was a kid. I had been to Japan about 2-3 years earlier, but despite that, Bill ended up taking the lead as he had a better sense of direction..


Straight off the airplane and heading to Ikebukuro, where our hotel was at. We stayed at the “Sunshine City Prince Hotel”. Since it wasn’t high season, we got a pretty good rate 🙂

Bill had a list of the restaurants he wanted to try in Tokyo. The last time I went to Tokyo, I didn’t really do much planning, just met with friends and wandered in the streets and used a couple guidebooks to find restaurants. Bill wanted to go to this restaurant that had received a Michelin star (one star). It was Shinjuku and was called Nakajima.


The streets were packed with people, as expected. It was quite overwhelming, even though we had just visited HK.


Bill had to check our guidebook map against the street map… and we still had trouble finding the way. It’s really hard to navigate around Tokyo if you’re looking for a tiny, hidden restaurant.


And we finally found it.

How this restaurant works is, they have 2-3 price points you can choose from. We went for the 100,000 yen option, which works out to be around $100 CAD per person.


First course and Second Course (Pea Soup)


Salmon and Sashimi and Sushi. In my previous trips, I never tried sushi, which is quite shocking, but I never went for sushi when I was in Tokyo! This was my first sushi experience and it was amazing (Scallop and Uni).

DSCF4098 DSCF4099 DSCF4101

There was actually a tempura-ed flower that the kind hostess had suggested that we eat…I would have normally left it alone, but I didn’t want to be rude and ate it. I didn’t really like it much, but it was an interesting experience.

DSCF4100 DSCF4102

By the second last course (I believe this was steamed egg with uni and broth), we were already really full. The chef was right in front of us, so we ate all of it.

The last course was dessert, which was green pea ice cream.

Overall, it was an interesting experience as our first restaurant we visited in Tokyo. I also ordered Ume shu with club soda, my usual drink whenever I go to Tokyo.

Thanks for reading!