Toronto: Ripley’s Aquarium

Bill and I went to Toronto this weekend to Ripley’s Aquarium and the “Forbidden City” exhibit at the ROM. I had heard good things about the Ripley’s Aquarium, and was excited to visit it for the first time.


There were quite a bit a people at the Aquarium, a lot of Jay’s fans since there was a game that day and the Aquarium is located right beside the Roger’s Centre. It was hard to take pictures, since like most aquariums, this one was dark, but I managed to get some shots of the sea animals without using flash.



It was a nice aquarium, but I found that, like the Science Centre in Toronto, it was geared more for kids that I didn’t find the signs really informative. I also compared it to the Vancouver Aquarium (Unintentionally, how can I not?) and found that the Aquarium had a greater range of creatures (ie: reptiles, tropical creatures, etc.).

One thing that I really liked was the conveyor belt that took people around a huge tank with sharks and other fishes in it, the “Dangerous Lagoon”.


It was nice because it allowed you to have the “front row seat” to the view, so no one would be in front of you.


There were quite a few sharks in the tank. After a quick search on Google, it appears the sharks at aquariums are normally well fed that they don’t really feed on other fishes in the same tank.

There were also some stations where you get to touch the animals. They do have a “resting area” for the animals, so they are not constantly being touched.


I didn’t touch any of the animals due to hygienic reasons…Bill had no trouble though…


Sometimes Bill’s phone takes better pictures than my camera 😦



Interesting looking shark.






Someone offered to help us take a photo. So nice of them 🙂

After Ripley’s Aquarium, we headed to the University area to grab lunch. We didn’t plan it very well and had to walk close to 30 minutes is the heat to get to “Kingyo”, a Japanese restaurant.


I had the negitoro avocado “don”. Basically it’s mushed up tuna sashimi with green onions and avocado.


Bill had the daily special. It was basically 8 appetizers put together.

After lunch, we headed to the Museum. Since they never allow any photographs in the exhibit, there aren’t any pictures to show you guys. I didn’t find the exhibit very informative and felt that it only scraped the surface of a subject and could have made it more interesting and informative. I don’t think it’s worth the admission price, because you can’t just visit the exhibit and skip the rest of the museum.

Thanks for reading!