Walt Disney World: Day 4 – Epcot

Day 4 marks the last day of our short and spontaneous trip to Disney World. I didn’t have very high expectations for Epcot, since there wouldn’t be as much Disney Magic, but our short visit proved me wrong šŸ™‚


As soon as we entered the park, we raced to the Test Track and by that time, there was already a long line up.


This ride was really cool. One of the reasons why there’s a long line up is probably because each person, or pair spends about 5-8 minutes designing your test car. Your car is stored on your Magic Band, or a card, if you don’t have a Magic Band. As you go through the test track, you compare your results with the cars designed by people who are sharing the same ride with you. There’s a cool surprise near the end of the ride, well, at least it was a surprise for me, but I won’t spoil it here šŸ˜‰

We headed to the Coral Reef Restaurant for lunch. The restaurant has a large aquarium in it with different fish and sharks.


After lunch, we went to the Finding Nemo ride, right beside the restaurant:


During the ride, you can actually see part of the aquarium that is connected to the Coral Reef Restaurant!

The last “big” ride of our trip was “Soarin'”. I would say this this ride was on the top of my list; the ride triggered your senses and you really feel like you’re gliding in the air.


We took a stroll around the different pavillions at Epcot. Some of the countries have their own mini rides:


This is a restaurant in the Mexico Pavillion. Had I known about this earlier, we would have dined here instead of the Coral Reef:


One of my coworkers mentioned there is a Mexican restaurant at Epcot that is very authentic. This may have been it. There’s also a small ride in this pavilion as well.


We went to the French Pavilion for ice cream:


I had the pineapple sorbet and Bill had the ice cream brioche sandwich šŸ™‚


Mitsukoshi! This was an actual Mitsukoshi store and when you go in, you actually feel like you’re shopping in Japan.





Along the way, we bumped into some familiar faces…

sarah and i

It is a small world after all!

That marks the end of our trip to Walt Disney World. Hope you enjoyed the posts!