Walt Disney World: Day 3 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Day 3 of our trip. As expected, there was already a large group of people waiting at the doors for the park to open.


We had made some reservations at this Park for Lunch and Dinner, and had also purchased the VIP Fanasmic! Package.


We saw Chip and Dale as we were walking towards where the rides were:


They seemed quite occupied, so we didn’t go up to them to ask for pictures. Although, I don’t think they would’ve minded.


One of my favorite Disney movies is Toy Story, so I was really excited when I started to see the green soldiers march by!


And then we met Buzz and Woody! I never thought I would see them. They were the best!


I asked one of the Cast Members whether Sully was around, but they said the Monster’s Inc. characters would be here in the summer. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of travelling during “low season”.

Waiting in line to take the picture with them almost made us late for our FastPass rides, but thankfully we made it just in time for this:


This was a really fun ride, again, like the other Buzz Lightyear ride we were on, it was one of those rides where you have to shoot different targets that are projected onto the wall 🙂

After the ride, we made it to the restaurant for lunch. It was the 50’s Prime Time restaurant.


The decor inside was based on the 50’s period. The restaurant was quite cozy and cute.


After lunch, we went to watch the Indiana Jones show.


The show was very cool and there were a lot of stunts and explosions. We didn’t sit too close to the front, but was able to feel a lot of the heat from the explosives.


Some fake buildings 🙂


And here are the rides we got fast passes for. They looked a lot scarier than I expected, so I actually chickened out last minute and didn’t go on 😦

DSCF3780 DSCF3781

We decided to take a stroll around the park. The park wasn’t as big as the others, so we found that we had quite a bit of time to kill before the dinner and Fantasmic!


We had reservations at the Hollywood Brown Derby. It’s supposed to be a replica of a very iconic restaurant in real Hollywood.


We ordered their famous cobb salad for our starter and for our main entree I ordered the salmon, Bill ordered the seafood cioppino

DSCF3791 DSCF3794 DSCF3795

The dessert was spectacular


After dinner, we picked up our VIP tickets for Fantasmic and headed towards the arena. With the VIP tickets, you get to sit in the middle section. I would highly recommend getting the VIP tickets.


We sat right in the middle of the row. I didn’t take any more pictures at this point because I really just want to enjoy the show and plus, it would be wrong for me to spoil any of the amazing sequences. I did not have high expectations for Fantasmic! initially; I thought it was just going to be another fireworks show, but I was truly blown away at the end of it all. Honestly, it was so amazing I almost cried and I know a lot of spectators felt the same way 😉

Next post will be my final post on our trip to DisneyWorld – Epcot!