Walt Disney World: Day 2 – Magic Kingdom (Part 2)

The sun was down, but Magic Kingdom was just as beautiful at night as it was in the daytime.


Our dinner reservation was around 7:30pm, but we went a bit early because I was so excited about the restaurant.


Here is the entrance to Be Our Guest. Once you’ve checked in, you can wait in the waiting area, which is designed as a long walkway leading towards the castle gates. When you are greeted to enter the restaurant, the greeter would hand you a candle stand and would then lead you to your table.


The first thing I thought to myself when I entered the restaurant was that this place was very grand! I’m sure people mention the attention to detail at Disney Parks all the time, but this really was the epitome of attention to detail. As we walked through the ballroom, our greeter told us we would be sitting in the “West Wing Room”. She explained that the room has lightning at certain intervals and it was a very cool room, she was right 🙂


The room was dark and scary. Initially I was slightly disappointed that we couldn’t sit in the ballroom, but they have some pretty cool stuff in this small, little and dark room!


Remember the lightning the greeter mentioned? Apparently this picture changes into the Beast’s portrait when the lightning hits. I didn’t find out until after the dinner so I missed it!

DSCF3608 DSCF3609

The Enchanted Rose, also located in the “West Wing”


Now for the food. For starters we both got the onion soup. For the main entree,  I ordered the lamb rack and Bill had braised pork, I believe.

DSCF3596 DSCF3599 DSCF3600

For dessert, they have the following selections:


I ordered “The Grey Stuff” and  it was really, really good:


“The Grey Stuff” was initially something that had to be requested and wasn’t on the menu. Later on, it became so popular that they added the item onto the regular menu.

The place is very open to photography and cameras, and it’s absolutely ok to go around and take pictures of the restaurant.


Take a closer look, and you’ll see on top of the arched windows there are snowflakes coming down!


And this is the Rose Gallery, which is only opened for lunch, but I saw some people dining there for dinner (The statue turns):

DSCF3621 DSCF3617

And as you exit Be Our Guest, you are finally greeted by…


The Beast! The photo looks a bit shakey, you can tell by my legs. What really happened was the Beast was so large, I almost lost my balance hugging him!

We finished dinner just in time to catch the Electrical Parade:


I found a spot on the ground, but the parade was quite long, so standing might actually be better.

After the parade, it was time to head back to the hotel after a fun-filled day  🙂


As we leave the most magical place on earth, we head to our next destination…Disney’s Hollywood Studios!