Walt Disney World: Day 2 – Magic Kingdom (Part 1)

Reservations in the Magic Kingdom are hard to get. There’s Cinderella’s Table, where you get to dine with Cinderella in a restaurant located in the castle and there’s Be Our Guest, where you get to dine with the Beast from none other than Beauty and the Beast!

I actually didn’t know about Disney’s reservation systems and themed restaurant before the trip. If you recall from my last post, this was a spontaneous trip and we had done almost no research before hand about Disney World. My friend had mentioned there’s a restaurant called Be Our Guest, so, not realizing the urgency of the situation at that time, I surfed the web for a couple hours before casually going on the Disney website to check out these restaurants my friend talked about. I saw there was a spot available for Be Our Guest, so tried to book it, after a few mishaps, I managed to get a reservation at Be Our Guest, 2 days before our trip. Boy were we lucky. Apparently tables are frequently filled months in advance, so the fact that we snatched a dinner spot at Be Our Guest last minute was a miracle.

We caught the bus heading to Magic Kingdom from the hotel and made it just in time for the opening where all the characters line up and welcome the guests. You’ll notice in the picture there is a family right in the middle of the line up. I researched this and apparently if you go early and catch the attention of Cast Members (matching shirts, etc) and chat with them, they may choose you and your family to open with the characters. They will then issue you a certificate stating that on a particular day, the (name) family opened the park. Pretty cool!


It was still quite foggy and misty in the morning. Visitors poured into the Magic Kingdom and everyone headed towards the castle.


If you stay at a Disney hotel, you will get a Magic Band that you wear around your wrist. This band has all your information on it, including your credit card info, so you can use it to pay at the concession stands or at any Disney store. Another thing you can use the Magic Band for is pictures. All around the park, you will see Cast Members with a camera taking pictures for people, all you do is swipe your band and the photos they take for you with their camera will be available for download on your Disney Account. They’re also very nice in that they do not mind taking pictures for you with your own camera. So you don’t have to feel pressured to buy pictures taken with Cast Members’ cameras.

DSCF3515 DSCF3518

We managed to get front row seats for the “It’s a small world” ride, so here are some pictures:

DSCF3527 DSCF3528 DSCF3533

And finally the sun came out!


We headed towards Tomorrowland and went on the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin ride. Basically it’s a ride where you have to shoot targets and get points.


We then met Tigger and Pooh!


We caught one of the parades:

DSCF3553 DSCF3556

Magic Kingdom is such a beautiful place.


We got really hot from the heat and thirsty, and stopped by this place that sold Pineapple soft serve and floats in the Magic Kingdom. Looking at pictures of people going to the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to try the pineapple soft serve. When I saw this, I immediately went to the back of the line without hesitation. It was a long wait (30+ minutes), but so worth it!

DSCF3566 DSCF3568

Later on, we lined up for the Pirates of the Carribean attraction:


This was one of my favorite attractions. It’s a boat ride that gives you a tour in the “Pirates of the Carribean” setting and you really do feel like you’re in that time period with other pirates.

Sorry this post was longer than expected so I had to split it in 2 parts. My next post will be about our dinner at Be Our Guest!

Bill and I

Thanks for reading 🙂