Hong Kong: Macau Restaurant (澳門茶餐廳), Tea Saloon, Sunning Restaurant (新寧餐廳)

We went to meet up with wyjj to have breakfast at 澳門茶餐廳 (ou moon cha chan teng). The restaurant is a mix of Portuguese and Hong Kong Style Cafe. My favorite item there is the Portuguese egg tart and I go there every time I visit Hong Kong

. DSCF0731

This is it. The Portuguese Egg Tart that I waited until the end of our trip for.


Pigging out.


This is what the inside looks like. It’s a lot creamier than the other Egg Tarts we had.


The 焗葡國雞飯, Portuguese Chicken Rice. It’s made with tumeric and is similar to curry, except it’s not spicy.


My sister ordered the vegetable soup macaroni and it was really good.

Bill went to visit a friend whom he bumped into earlier on the street. They went for dimsum and I decided to head back to Central to wait for DGJ (older sister) for dinner.

Wyjj brought me to a nearby tea shop in Central since we didn’t want to stay home and wait. The tea shop is hidden in the residential area and is very nicely decorated. It’s unfortunate that it was raining that day and couldn’t bring my camera out with the rain pouring. I only managed to take an angle shot of the place when we were standing below the awning.



It’s quite hard to find this place, but it’s in a quiet area which is nice.



I ordered the matcha latte (green tea).




Very cute desserts.

After tea time, I split with wyjj and headed home to meet with dgj, where we waited for Bill to come back from dim sum, then headed towards the restaurant for dinner, meeting dad along the way. It’s all very complicated, but made the most practical sense.



We made it to the restaurant!

DSCF0792 DSCF0793 DSCF0795


Since Bill and I were quite full already, we decided to share a beef stroganoff.

And this marks the last post of our Hong Kong trip this year. We had such an amazing time meeting with family and friends and eating all this great food 🙂