Hong Kong: Pottinger St. (石板街), Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園), Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌)

It was raining quite a bit during our stay in Hong Kong, so unfortunately we had to try to stay indoors and didn’t get the chance to walk around the streets of Hong Kong. This street below is Pottinger St., named after the first Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Henry Pottinger. It’s the first street built in Hong Kong and it’s better known as 石板街, which translates into “Rock Slab Street”. It’s designed to help with draining rainwater. There’s quite a bit of history behind this and many other streets in Hong Kong, I might have to pull up pictures from my previous trip and write more about them.


We joined WYJJ to have breakfast in the morning at Lan Fong Yuen. It’s a well-known cafe for people to grab breakfast before work or a quick lunch. They are only opened on weekdays and are located at the end of a street market.


Here are some shots of the market on our way to Lan Fong Yuen early in the morning when vendors are just setting up their stands.


They weren’t open yet, but this is what the cafe looks like from outside. Originally they were a street food vendor (大牌檔 – “dai pai dong”) and people would sit on the green bench for their food. They eventually expanded and evolved into a “restaurant”. They were the pioneers of making milk tea using stockings.


Inside the cafe.


Here is their famous stocking milk tea.


Kaya French Toast. One of my favorite things to order.


Pork chop bun.


(奶油豬 – “nai you juu”)(direct translation: Butter Pig). The bun is called “Piggy Bun” in Chinese, so naturally, a piggy bun with custard and butter on it would be called Butter Pig.

After our breakfast, we walked past a bakery that was famous for their egg tarts.


The bakery has a couple of locations, this one is located on (擺花街 – “bai fa gai”) (direct translation: flower street), Lyndhurst Terrace. Historically, this area was home to a lot of brothels and attracted a lot of flower stands. As a result, the name of the street was changed to “Flower Street”. It retained its original English name though (Lyndhurst Terrace), but i digress.


Here are the egg tarts. WYJJ helped me asked if it was ok to take pictures inside the store and the lady at the counter was very nice to let me snap a couple of photos.


Great start to a rainy day. More to come!