Tobermory, ON: Flower Pot Island

Bill planned a sightseeing and hiking trip to Tobermory this weekend. The ride from London to Tobermory took us 4 hours. We arrived at the Bruce Anchor Motel at around 9pm and was able to catch the sunset. The motel was close to the water and it was quite clean inside. We initially planned to just stay for 1 night and leave Saturday evening, but we decided to stay another night so we wouldn’t have to rush and drive in the dark.


We took the Glass Bottom Boat Tour to Flower Pot Island.


This is what the boat looks like. The glass bottom doesn’t really work that great, and since the water is very clear, it’s easier to just look out of the window.

During the boat ride, we stopped by two underwater shipwrecks.


The pictures are not too clear, but here are the 2 shipwrecks.

After a 15-20 minute boat ride, we arrived at Flower Pot Island.


Large jagged rocks everywhere.

These are some of the plants we spotted:

DSCF1666 DSCF1804

On the right: Columbine; On the left: Striped Coralroot


This is why the island is called Flower Pot Island. The softer rocks at the bottom erode away faster than the harder layers of rock on the top.


The water was very clear. It looks like a dangerous spot to be sitting on, but trust me, it was very safe. We also picnic-ed on the island.


It was a beautiful day to be visiting the island.