Tobermory, ON: Bruce Trail (Part I)

After visiting the Flower Pot Island, Bill and I headed to Bruce Trail for another short hike. The drive from our motel to the head of the trail was about 15 minutes.


We took the red trail.

DSCF1849 DSCF1850

Natural foam by the lake.

DSCF1854 DSCF1858

The main trail is nicely paved.


The water is very blue and clear. I have never seen water this clear before, only in pictures.

DSCF1886 DSCF1889

On the right: Indian Head Cove; On the left: The Grotto

DSCF1892 DSCF1900

There were quite a few poison ivy plants between the rocks. The yellow plant caught my eye, I’m not sure what it is though. (Edit: After doing some research, I found out the yellow plant is called Yellow Lady’s Slipper.)


We stopped here to grab another snack before continuing.


So beautiful.


Thanks for reading!