Shaking Beef (Bo Luc Lac)

One of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver is a Cambodian restaurant called “Phnom Penh”. We bring all our visiting friends and family there whenever they visit. One of their many popular dishes would be the Luc Lac Beef Rice. I never thought of making my own until a couple months ago when I decided to Google “Luc Lac Beef Recipe” out of the blue. Most of the recipes revolve around the same ingredients: Beef, Oyster and Fish Sauce and Garlic.


Beef Steak.


Fish Sauce and Oyster Sauce with a Panda on the label.




Brown sugar. (Lovely tip from “The Quiet Baker”, a blog that I just started following)


I marinated this for about 3 hours. Then stir fried it in a pan with oil and butter.


Done! Finish off with some lettuce and a fried egg, just like the restaurant, mix it up and…


You’ll end up with something like this!

I have to say I was very surprised at the end result. It was very similar to the one at Phnom Penh. You might notice that we switched from white rice to this brownish rice that is supposed to be more healthy. I was skeptical at first, but after a couple dinners, I forgot that it was brown rice. I’m still a bigger fan of white rice though, just like I am with white bread, but I digress.

I encourage all out-of-town Vancouverites who are craving Phnom Penh food to try this. Even if you aren’t a Vancouverite, you should still try it!