Fat Penguins

People here are prepping for the snow this winter. A lot of Londoners are getting their snow tires changed and buying snow gear and shovels. Bill and I are no different! I thought it would be best to buy some hot pot food before the snow hits so we can have hot pot anytime. We arrived at the Asian Market and I checked to see if they had Taro Powder in stock. The shelf was empty but I saw a couple boxes in front of the area, so Bill and I opened it and rummaged through it to find the Taro Powder. Yes! Finally!

There are a lot of desserts that I had been thinking of making with the powder. I went to this blog called “Diamonds for Desserts” and found this very cute penguin cookie recipe. I didn’t measure out the butter properly so my cookies expanded a lot, the end product from the other blog looks a lot better than mine.

Here is the key ingredient: Taro Powder!

The recipe is quite easy, just make the cookie dough (one purple and one white) and form it into the shape of a penguin. This is me making the purple dough. I also didn’t buy food coloring and relied on the taro powder to give it some color, so the difference between the two colors are a bit subtle.

The purple dough will be wrapped around the white dough. You have to kind of flatten out the 2 longer sides of the purple dough first, that part will be the bottom of the penguin, you’ll see what I mean later.

I used the sprinkles from the candy apple kit to make the eyes.

For the nose and the feet, I used the yellow stars and used a sharp knife to cut them until it looks like a decent triangle.

Before baking!

They expanded so much. Next time, I will use less butter and make them smaller.