Caramel Apple

We went to an all you can eat sushi restaurant near our apartment today. The sushi was a lot more decent than the first place we visited when I just arrived in London. The quality is actually comparable to the AYCE in Vancouver, so it wasn’t that bad. I finished reading “Freedom” a couple days ago and picked up another book called “The book of AWESOME”, by Neil Pasricha. I saw his presentation on TED before and I really liked it, however, this book sucks. I was attracted by the book at the beginning because I skimmed through the pages and thought the title for each chapter was pretty funny and true, but when I started reading his explanations, his writing style is a bit…juvenile. It would work if it was delivered through a speech, but on print, it doesn’t come off as witty or intelligent writing. If you’re interested in reading this book, just look at the titles for each chapter at the bookstore and watch his presentation on TED instead.

Bill bought me a caramel apple making kit from Costco before I came to London. I thought it would be AWESOME (get it?) to open it on Halloween.

Washing the apples and trying to get the wax coating off.

The kit came with lollipop sticks. I wish we had those when we were making cake pops that day…

The kit came with a couple toppings, I bought the pretzels separately.

The finished product! The mini m&m one started sagging a bit after a while. I think it’s because there was still a bit of wax on it. The other ones kept their shape though.