I received a parcel from my sister W today! I’ve been wanting to buy one of these candy sushi kits, but they were very expensive when I saw them at the Richmond Night Market this year. They were selling them for $15 each. As I have told many of you, there is this uploader on Youtube called RRcherrypie. He’s (yes, he) popular for making videos of him playing with these homemade candy kits. So in the spirit of things, I decided to make my own RRcherrypie inspired video…


This is edible, but since it’s made up of chemical powders, I think it’s best to just consider it as a toy, and not candy. You can see Bill in the background on his computer. He doesn’t understand this whole RRcherrypie craze. I don’t understand his Xbox Kinect either. So we’re even.


Instructions at the back. It’s hard to screw this up. By the way, I was making this on our new coffee table!

A look inside. Little packets of non-poisonous chemical powders.

Here’s the video!


The finished product!

Bill refused to eat this beautiful thing and I don’t blame him.

Thanks W!!