Almond Roll

Bill and I was going to buy the rolled cakes from the Asian market yesterday, but we couldn’t find the expiration date on it and that area looked pretty empty so I said I would try to make it. I ended up using Laura Calder’s recipe for her Hazelnut Rolled Cake. I didn’t have hazelnuts in the pantry so I just used the leftover almonds from my macaron recipe.

3 eggs and sugar, beat over a double boiler.

I added some cocoa along with the flour and sugar.

I didn’t have any baking paper in the kitchen, so I had to rely on butter to ensure that the cake didn’t stick. It was still a bit sticky, so it doesn’t have that nice surface that I was looking for. I rolled it with a damp towel to let it set into shape so I can roll it up easily later. This is actually inside out; the towel should be inside, but it still does the trick.

In the meantime, I start whisking! I like using the whisk more than the mixer for making cream. It’s a lot smoother and prettier this way.

A dollop of cream.

Rolled and then a bit of icing sugar and cocoa through a sieve. Next time I’ll remember to use the baking paper.

Angle shot!

I’m still waiting for the market to re-stock their taro powder. I think I might have to wait until next month…