Chef Bill


It’s a back to back post. We’ve been eating turkey for so long, I didn’t realize that we haven’t cooked dinner for a week already. Bill has been telling me he wants to make his famous beef noodle soup for the longest time. We’ve been having trouble finding the right cut of beef for the soup base and in the end we just went for stewing beef.

Bill marinated the beef and let it sit the entire afternoon. A very dedicated chef.

He started off by searing the meat on each side and transferred all the cooked beef and veggies into THE PRESSURE COOKER.

I’ve been afraid to use the pressure cooker all my life. I always think that it’s going to explode or something. Honestly, I try to stay as far away as I can when it’s working.

The end product! Since we had a lot of ingredients and very little water, it turned out very flavorful after going through the pressure cooker.  I’m going to be eating this tomorrow and put dumplings in it.