After making the macarons, I decided it was time for lunch and made a Turkey sandwich using the leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving. I realized that my recent posts have all been about desserts lately, so I decided I would write another post dedicated to something savory and to conclude the crepe ordeal…

We got some garlic aioli mayo from Costco the other day for $4.99. I’ve been trying to find canned Chipotle in Adobo sauce for the longest time but I can’t seem to find it. This doesn’t taste like Chipotle mayo, but it does the trick.

A bed of mixed greens with a simple dressing and a layer of turkey leftovers.

There’s no way Bill and I will ever finish a loaf of bread in 4 days. I decided to freeze the bread and just take it out whenever I need to use it. I just defrosted the bread in the microwave.

I normally eat at the dinner table, but when I’m alone, I eat in front of the computer. It’s like my companion. YOU guys are my companion.

Bill came home from work at around 5:30 and even though I wasn’t hungry, I really wanted to see if the crepe batter worked out. I wish we had strawberries, but with only 2 people in the house, we can’t buy too many fruits all at once.

It wrapped around perfectly.

I think I’m going to consider buying Laura Calder’s cookbook…