le macaron

We didn’t end up making the chocolate crepes this morning. I was working on job applications all night and couldn’t wake up in time to make the crepes. Instead, when I woke up today, I decided to make macarons!

Essential to all macarons: Almond powder. I just used the store-bought ones from Superstore. The problem with using store-bought is they tend to create an oil stain on the macaron, but I don’t have a food processor and I don’t think I’d take the effort to grind my own almonds anyways so I just took a shortcut.

The original recipe asked for 2 egg whites. I decided to just halve the entire recipe and used only 1 egg.

I’m folding the dry ingredients into the beaten egg whites. This step is called “Macaronage”

You’re suppose to deflate the bubbles right until it can hold up it’s shape when you pipe it and also smooth out on it’s own after 10-15 seconds. I deflated mine a bit too much and it was a little more difficult to pipe and I ended up with flatter macarons.

Piping them onto my brand new President’s Choice silicone baking sheet! You’re supposed to wait a couple hours or sometimes even overnight to let the top of the macaron form a very thin dry layer. You should be able to touch it and feel that it’s dry.

Straight from the oven! The rim you see is referred to as le pied, which means “foot” in French. If you don’t set your macarons aside before baking, you won’t be able to get the “foot”.

I didn’t have enough ingredients for the filling, so I just used Nutella.

Making macarons is actually not as hard as it sounds. It just takes a lot of patience, failure and practice.

I made chocolate macarons because it’s the only powder I have in the pantry at the moment. Maybe I’ll make another flavor next time…