Crepe Prep

It’s been quiet around the apartment these days since Bill’s back to work and I’m focusing on job hunting. We went to Superstore to grab some groceries tonight and we bought some boneless chicken thighs since they are quite versatile and were on sale. The only problem with grocery stores here is that not only are the choice for veggies limited, but they are also not very fresh. Buying the prepackaged ones is really the only way to go.

We also got some bananas so I decided to make crepes for tomorrow morning! I wanted to do most of the prep work tonight, since I didn’t want to wake up too early tomorrow…


Heating up the milk, butter and cocoa powder.

I was supposed to beat the eggs and sugar first, then add in the flour, but I was too busy trying to get a good shot and just dumped everything into the bowl by accident. I still ended up with a lousy shot though.

This is the chocolate crepe batter. Again, I used Laura Calder’s Recipe from her show “French Food at Home”.

It’s 12am. I better get some sleep…