Sugar, Milk & Eggs

We finally finished the Tiramisu that I made a week ago. I’ve been trying to make simpler things lately, so I decided to make creme caramel. When I was in Vancouver, I used to make creme caramel using the steamer, but I was looking at our kitchen this morning and realized that all the pots were too short to steam anything in. Then I remembered watching an episode of “French Food at Home” and Laura Calder baking the creme caramel in a bain-marie, which is French for “water bath”. Bill had already bought the milk at this point so there was no turning back, I had to use this method…

The ingredients are simple, just milk


, and eggs.

I heated up the milk and sugar first, and then added in the eggs to the cooled mixture, making sure I don’t end up with scrambled eggs.

Then I transferred the mixture into a pan that has a layer of caramel in it already. The caramel is just heated sugar with a little bit of water.

After baking it for an hour, I took it out to cool in the fridge for another 2 hours. This is right after it’s cooled and I transferred it onto a plate.

The creme caramel turned out to be a success. I think I actually prefer making it this way than steaming it. It’s a lot easier to control the finished product because I can actually see when it’s done and take it out of the oven at just the right moment.