Today, Bill and I (me mostly) finally got to put the turkey into the oven. I put the Butterball into the fridge a couple days ago to let it defrost and on Sunday, we drove to the local grocery stores to find some herbs and seasoning to marinate it overnight. We bought this turkey a week ago, the second day I arrived in London. The other night, we saw another woman at Superstore desperately looking for an un-stuffed Butterball – 2 days before Thanksgiving. I should’ve offered to sell mine to her for $100. I think she would’ve said yes.

I guess people normally put the turkey into a “brine”, which is a basically seasoned liquid marinade that people immerse the turkey into the day before roasting. I just marinated my turkey this way because it’s easier and takes up less space.

After marinating the turkey overnight, I cut up some celery to put in the roasting pan.

and this is me cutting a carrot,

and a garlic bulb.

This is the meat thermometer that I bought at Winners. It reads pretty quickly and it was $9.99. The only problem is I can’t stick this into the Butterball while it’s baking, but that’s not a problem because I like the electric ones more.

The Butterball is resting after being in the oven for 2.5 hours.

Here’s the finished product! It turned out pretty well and we ended up eating only one side of the breast. This turkey weighed 8 lbs. We’re gonna be eating turkey for a while…

Here’s a close up of the meat. I also made corn soup and scalloped potatoes (leftover from last night) to accompany this meal. There was a lot of butter in each dish, hence the title of this post today. Next time I’ll just make a salad to balance it out.