Sweet Chicken!

Bill and I decided to stay home today and not go out. My iPhoto is finally fixed and I’m glad that none of the photos got deleted and the original folders remained unchanged. It was stressing me out for a while but it’s good to get the issue out of the way.

Here is our new sofa! We got the two lamps at IKEA. Initially we were set on getting a white couch, but Sears only had black or beige available, and if we ordered white, it would’ve taken 4 months. We decided to take the chance and went for beige. Turned out pretty well I think!

This is our dining area. We got this at IKEA for $149 with the 4 chairs included. This is where I will do all my prep work for dessert making. We were also looking at glass dining tables, but I think I prefer wood.

I decided to make Swiss Chicken today. Swiss Chicken has nothing to do with Swiss, the story is a Westerner visited a restaurant called “Tai Ping Koon” in Hong Kong a long time ago and tried these chicken wings. The wings were made with sweetened soy sauce and once he had one he told the waiter “Sweet!”, which the waiter then interpreted as “Swiss”. Tai Ping Koon is one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong by the way. The waiters have all worked there for many years and the restaurant just reminds me of 老夫子, Old Master Q.

My Swiss Chicken. I didn’t have sweetened soy sauce, so I added more sugar into the dish. It’s actually quite easy to make. There are some ingredients that are still missing in our kitchen, like sweetened soy sauce, rock sugar, star anise….But I should just start by making simpler foods at the beginning. I don’t feel like stuffing my pantry full of 20 varieties of soy sauce at the moment.

The turkey is defrosting in the fridge…