Niagara Falls

Bill and I went to Niagara Falls today. We woke up at around 6:30am and drove 2.5 hours to the tourist attraction. It was such a nice day, although the sun didn’t really help with photo taking; I had to do a lot of test shots and only got mediocre images in the end. Bill’s iPhone took better photos than my Canon D-SLR. I don’t think my lens is suited for landscape pics though, but it’s good for close up and portraits at least!

Mr. Bill, Photography Assistant.

Niagara Falls was really beautiful, especially with the sun shining right on top of it. The first thing I thought about when we were planning this trip was the episode on The Office when Pam and Jim got married on the Maid of the Mist. I watch The Office religiously.

It was really, really misty (of course).

I look great. This is actually right beside the fall. All I could see was mist, partly because there were a lot of splashes but mostly because there was water all over my stupid glasses – the entire time. At this point, I just put away my camera because I didn’t want it to break from the water. These classy garbage bags souvenir raincoats were what kept us dry the entire time.

This was the tunnel that led us to the White Water Rapids. These were class 6 rapids and there are a lot of stories behind it. I like tunnel shots.

This is where the rapids were! Not as exciting as the fall but it was much easier to take a picture here. (less people, more shade, no mist)

So after visiting the different attractions, Bill and I decided to break for lunch. As usual, it took us almost an hour to decide on a location and we ended up at tourist trap Rainforest Cafe! We had some pretty dry burgers there, and the total bill came up to $43 with tips…for 2 burgers. Maybe we should’ve went to Hardrock Cafe.

We took a stroll down the city centre and I was so surprised to see all these wacky storefronts. I guess I’ve always stereotyped Niagara as one of those natural tourist attractions and didn’t expect they had a wacky side to the city. Ripley’s is one of my favorite museums by the way, I was devastated when they closed down the one in Hong Kong. We didn’t end up going to any of these wacky attractions because they looked too small.

I wanted to go to the Ferris Wheel. There are packages you can buy but separately, the admission is about $13/adult on average. Not bad actually.

Many of the typical fast food and restaurant chains had really cool statues around them.

So we finally decided to go back to our car and head home. We made a stop at IKEA again because we were being indecisive last time we went and regretted not getting this lamp for our living room. We went back today and made sure that we got everything we need so we don’t have to drive 2 hours to get coat hangers, for example.