So, after we have assembled our newly arrived TV stand, we decided to head to kiwi kraze for some froyo. The line up was long but it did not take long for us to get to the yogurt machine.

This place is completely self-served, instructions as the following:
1. Pick up a bowl
2. Choose any amount of any number of flavor from the froyo dispenser.
3. Add any amount of condiments
4. Weigh and pay

Unfortunately they did not have my favorite watermelon flavor that day. I went for kiwi kraze and pina colada. Bill got strawberry and banana. We both got generous amount of fresh strawberry and mochi on top.

It actually did not taste bad and the mochi is better than pinkberry at Vancouver. The kiwi kraze taste like vitamin pill and the froyo has less yogurt taste to it than pinkberry.

With two medium bowl and fully filled cups, we paid about $17 in total. The girl before us had a large bowl and fully filled cup also paid $17. I could not finish mine. Next time, we will share a large bowl instead.

By the way, Bill likes my tiramisu. The sofa looks great. We are waiting for our coffee table to arrive in early November.